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Go Gradular

Submitted by renu yadav (@pisolve) on Friday, 2 March 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Awaiting details


Topic involves discussion around , how to build multi-modular, scalable with reduced build time Android , artifacts and artifactories and how they can help in achieveing multi-modularized structure


Go Gradular
This talk involves discussion about
-> What is the failed practices we generally use while developing an Android app -> How to convert that non-scalable , built on failed practices app to Scalable , easily understandable , matching new best practices and coded in a simpler way . ->Explain about Writing too much of code doesn’t always mean , we are writing bad code -> What do we mean by Go Gradular , using multi-modular techniques ->What is a multi-modular approach -> What Multi-module approach brings to developers -> long nights of infinite build time , writing extra classes which sometimes has minimalistic usages but also brings transparency , cleanliness (Swacch Android ) ,readability , easily convertible into Instant apps , best scenario for working with multiple teams , increased parallel productivity -> How one time effort brings lifetime fun even in Android . -> Then will discuss about how to fight with larger build time ghosts , how to take benefits from artifactories (if applicable )and artifacts , Hence will discuss about AWW(Artifactories What and why ) -> AWW will let developers understands about what Artifacts are ? how they can help us in reducing build time with double digit count modules, how they can help developers open source things easily . -> Talk about freely available Artifactories and which one to choose based on our own requirement. -> With every said statement will provide Android code to support the same , as well as examples how these multi-modular approach have helped other organizations like uber.

-> This talk will let developers take away the key point about how to build multi-modularized app with reduced build time including publishing artifacts and enjoy the world of open source


just an open mind to learn new things

Speaker bio

Renu , is constantly learning Android for past 4.5+ years, Currently helping SEA people to take safe and comfortable rides using Grab .
I believe together with learning another important thing is to give back to community and me sharing my knolwedge , experience , helping others solve their issues in android development is one of my way to give back to community .
I have been doing Android and kotlin workshops for Coding Girls (Singapore )(, WWcode (Singapore).Previously presented at extended Google IO 2018 at Google office singapore.
Also a lead organizer for WWcode Singapore (
I hope to share more.


  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Crew a year ago

    Thanks for the submission Renu. Please share slides and preview video to complete evaluation of this proposal.

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