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Arrow and Functional Programming for Kotlin Android Developers

Submitted by Rivu Chakraborty (@rivuchk) on Sunday, 15 July 2018

Technical level: Intermediate


In this talk, I’ll be describing Functional Programming in Kotlin, and Arrow library for Android Developers, taking some extracts from my book Functional Kotlin. Functional Programming is the most trendy thing nowadays as well as the most evolved paradigm.


This talk will let you learn the most important topics of Functional Programming and Arrow library while developing an Android App. So this is not just a talk where you’ll just hear about the abstract concepts, rather you’ll learn to implement most important concepts of Functional Programming and Arrow Library. Functional Programming is the most trendy paradigm while being evolved for a long period (read decades). While Kotlin is not a pure functional language, it gives a great support for Functional Programming and abstracts and the Arrow library makes it easier to use Functional Programming with Kotlin with ease. Though Functional Programming paradigms are there from long ago, they still are not very well understood by most of devs out there. So let’s all learn it in a more easy to understand, fun and practical way.

Speaker bio

Rivu is a Kotlin Evangelist and a Google Certified Android Developer. He’s the author of Reactive Programming in Kotlin, Functional Kotlin and Coroutines for Android Developers (still WIP), and more to be announced soon. He’s also an instructor at and leads GDG Kolkata and Kotlin Kolkata User Group.




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  • Elena Kras 22 days ago

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