State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

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Understanding React Hooks

Submitted Feb 13, 2019

This talk will be about what, why and how of React Hooks. The audience will get a clear picture of what hooks are, how are they different from current react app development methods and thus help them make decision on whether to use hooks in their apps or not.


I gave a session on React Hooks at a local meetup. The contents were
1. React in brief
2. Why hooks
3. Built-in hooks
4. Custom hooks
5. Hooks working under the hood
6. Rules of hooks
7. Hooks - a general programming pattern
This could be tweaked based on the available time. Recording of session is available at



Speaker bio

Maulik helps in improving manufacturing productivity, quality & compliance by enabling cleaner and efficient shop floor execution. His current job at iBASEt India Pvt Ltd includes front-end development in ReactJS. Prior to that, he has worked mostly on the backend in Java & Oracle. Apart from being a developer, he has performed different roles including project manager, scrum master, mentor and consultant to startups. A staunch believer in learning and sharing, he is an avid family man and likes to read non-fiction.




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