State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

On the state of platforms: React Native, Flutter, iOS, React

Rashi Desai


How much UX is too much?

Submitted Feb 12, 2019

Good design is good business they say. But what if the UX is too overwhelming? Will the business rise proportionately or be the sinking Titanic? UX is neither insignificant nor over-saturated, rather it is seen as a short-term, revenue driven process, where businesses fail on fetching the organic users. Caricaturish UX serves none. It is therefore important for the businesses and designers to know what UX is good for their business, how to start and where to stop.
Key Takeaways: A sketch of a UX Design Pendulum to know the boundaries of UX Design according to the Business Model
Intended Audience: UI/UX/Interaction Designers and Enthusiasts with some knowledge on UX Design (Means all!):P


UX and its introduction - Need and Importance of UX - UX Design Flow - Setting Boundaries for UX - Case Studies when UX destructed giant businesses - CheckPoints for an optimum UX Design


Just knowing what UX is!
Specifically, people who have designed earlier and faced problems or suceeded after a good design implementation

Speaker bio

I’m Rashi Desai, a full-time engineering student and a part-time interaction designer, UX analyst & consultant, workshop speaker, content writer, and a blogger!




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