FOSSMeet 2019

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Aravind Putrevu


Playing with Data using Open source Search Engine for Fun and Profit

Submitted Jan 4, 2019

Data explosion is not new. Be it Manufacturing, Telecom OR Mobile, Web. Data driven decision making is the usual norm.

In this workshop, we will primarily pull data from a live or streaming data source like twitter,facebook and analyze the incoming information.

All this, using Opensource Elastic Stack.


  1. 5 min technical overview of entire stack
  2. Downloading, Installing and running Elasticsearch, Kibana.
  3. Configuring Elasticsearch, understanding its distributed nature.
  4. Indexing data, searching it through API’s.
  5. Visualizing data on Kibana.
  6. Ingesting your favourite data on Elasticsearch using Logstash
  7. Various ideas on How you can use it to build reliable systems .


Laptops running linux would be great. Windows also works.

Speaker bio

Aravind is passionate about evangelising technology, meeting developers and helping in solving their problems. He is a backend developer and has Seven years of development experience.

Currently he works at Elastic as Developer Advocate and looks after the Developer Relation function of India. Previously, He worked at McAfee Antivirus as a Sr. Software Engineer in Cloud Security Domain. He has deep interest in Search, Machine Learning, Security Incident Analysis and IoT tech. In his free time, he plays around Raspi or a Arduino.


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