FOSSMeet 2019

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Devdutt Shenoi


Are Vi gonna code?

Submitted Dec 28, 2018

(Neo)Vi(m) has to be the best text editor to have ever come in-built into any OS. But it’s not exactly loved, all because it’s different from others. What makes me love it then?

To say the least, the ease with which I can make changes to my source code, without having to open up a bloated piece of crappy(I also hate the licence on those) electron app(* Ahem * VS code * Ahem *), has opened up a vast expanse of productivity.


There are four main sections to this talk

  • Brief intro to the magical world of modal editors
  • How to install and use nvim like a BEAR
  • How to use vim with no H^gs given. H^g you MS, and your bloated electron child 😠
  • A brief intro to projects that are Making Modal Editors Cool Again.


  • Laptop with Linux/Mac(Okay, bring your Windows PC even, but be warned 😒)
  • NeoVim or any Vim that you like
  • 500MB data pack, or your friend’s WiFi Hotspot(😛)

These are some not so necessary requirements, you can still take notes and DIY at home!

Speaker bio

I am a second year CSE student at Model Engineering College, Kochi. I am an active admin at an online community for FOSS advocacy in Tech education (BEARly) and an ‘evangelist’ at FOSSMEC. I have a perpetually ON vi session, because I mapped the :q command to something else (I love it still ;p).


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