FOSSMeet 2017

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Sachin S. Kamath


OpenSource101 - I can code, but what now?

Submitted Dec 3, 2016

Open source is an exciting world but at the same time, is vast and often confusing. This talk will try to cover the 101’s or the very fundamentals of Open Source Contributions, the do’s and do-not’s and will also cover case-studies to understand the current scenario, using the publicly available user-data of The Fedora Project.


This will mostly be an interactive talk and can be adjusted to the level of audience. The basic outline is as follows :

  • Why FOSS? Why should I contribute? (2 minutes)
    -- A very brief introduction to the FOSS culture and introduction to the talk.

  • Getting Started (5 minutes)
    -- Choosing the right organisation and looking up the developmental status.

  • IRC, Mailing Lists and Getting Help (5-7 minutes)
    -- Getting IRC Help, setting up a stable communication medium and seeking help from the fellow organisation members/ mentors.

  • What Organisations expect (5-7 minutes)
    -- Making yourself visible. This part will cover the essentials of building a rapport with the organisation.

  • Platforms to get started (5 minutes)
    -- A brief overview of some contributor friendly websites and wikis.

  • Easyfixes (5 minutes)
    -- This part will talk about easy fix tickets, why they exist and how one should be tackling them.

  • Google Summer of Code and Outreachy (7-10 minutes)
    -- Introduction to GSoC and Outreachy, the various phases of it and writing a kick-ass proposal.

  • Case Study of The Fedora Project (15 minutes)
    -- A bird’s eye view of the Fedora Project, the workflow and the newcomer rates in Fedora visualised using data from datagrepper, a message aggregator of Fedora.

The case study will wrap up the entire talk and will give everyone a clear idea of how organisations work and split up its work, complete with visualisation and graphs to understand the workflow.


Interest to learn something new.

Speaker bio

Sachin is an open source and security enthusiast with a passion for learning something new every day. Sachin is a contributor at Fedora Project and completed his Google Summer of Code with the Community Operations Team of Fedora. He is also a core member of the OWASP OWTF Team.


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