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Free Software community health check

Submitted Dec 26, 2015

Analyze why we are not creating more passionate Free Software advocates and make plans to fix the situation


Arun M (Free Software Foundation of India) wrote to a few Free Software advocates,

Dear All,

Yesterday, after a long time had a chance to meet with a group of
college students and few school teachers. Impression I get is that
free software movement is loosing its ground in Kerala. Schools have
gone back into routine, colleges moving more to proprietary. Students
not aware of free software. Till last minute no one raised alarm on
KTU. (Thanks to some people in this loop, we got involved last minute)

Understanding of software freedom is rather low, even when use is
increasing(read Ubuntu). With major shifts in technology, issue of
freedom is threatened more than ever. This makes battle forward much

What should we be doing ? sit ideal and watch ? Is there something we
can do about it ? Despite having grown is size why are we moving
backwards ?

I feel something must be done and what ever is happening is because of
our failure. If you feel we should do something abt it. Let us meet
and plan.


We should sit and discuss how we want to take the Free Software community in Kerala forward.


Passion for Free Software, willing to share time and effort to spred the Free Software philosophy

Speaker bio

This will be a panel discussion. If you want to be in the panel please comment below.


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