FOSSMeet 2016

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Abhai Sasidharan


Drupal module development workshop

Submitted Dec 14, 2015

This workshop focuses mainly on how to set up a working Drupal environment locally and create a custom module from scratch using Drupal and deploying the same to a server.


The session will be handled by me and my colleague Elakiya S. It will cover:

  1. Introduction to Drupal.
  2. Features of Drupal, MVC architecture.
  3. What’s new in Drupal 8.
  4. Using the linux command-line with Drupal (Drush).
  5. Custom module creation from scratch. Writing Drupal specific code, Drupal coding standards.


A system that is installed with apache, php 5.4 or later, mysql with internet connection.

Speaker bio

Drupal developer at Zyxware Technologies (a leading contributor to the Drupal community) with more than 1 year experience in Drupal and around 3 years experience in PHP. Active proponent of FOSS.


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