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Akshay S Dinesh


Why I can't say "I will only use libre/free CT scanner" and other issues bigger than software

Submitted Feb 12, 2024

In free software circles, there’s the so called “hardcore” free software people. Modeled after Saint IGNUcius, these people feel contempt for anyone who touches proprietary software.
On the other hand, within the FOSS circles there are many people who use open-source as a buzzword for helping them on their path to profit/control.
In this talk, I talk about an alternate ideology that is focused on human beings, social justice, equity, and other considerations which are arguably more important than software. And how we can move on from trivial debates about software licensing to larger debates about how the world should be restructured.
It expands on several blog posts I’ve written while evolving my thoughts on this topic as a doctor, software engineer, public health researcher, and a person deeply concerned about inequities in the society.


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