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Harshavardhan Bajoria

Codespaces 101: Dev, Test, Contribute - All in the Cloud

Submitted Feb 9, 2024

Tired of tedious environment setup before contributing to open-source projects? Enter GitHub Codespaces - your cloud-based development playground!
This talk dives deep into using Codespaces for open-source contributions:
Provisioning with default containers: Get started instantly, project-specific environments without lifting a finger.
Customizing to perfection: Tailor your container to your needs, tools, and preferences.
Boosting development speed: Say goodbye to lengthy setups and hello to rapid iteration and efficient coding. ⚡
Contributing with ease: Streamline your contributions to open-source projects with seamless integration. ✅
Collaboration unlocked: Work together effortlessly with real-time collaboration features.

Whether the audience is a seasoned developer or just starting out, Codespaces 101 is their gateway to a simpler, faster, and more collaborative development experience. Join me and unlock the power of the cloud! ✨


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