The Fifth Elephant round the year submissions for 2019

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Real-Time DataQuality on Flink

Submitted by Jaydeep Vishwakarma on Jun 17, 2019

Session type: Full talk of 40 mins Status: Rejected


My use case is to provide monitoring, and improving the overall search data quality, also to find the unusual patterns of user’s search behavior, and notifying the intent on-site back to the respective business stakeholders. To achieve the same, I explored various big data processing engines, which can process the huge data with complex business logic in real time. Eventually, I used Flink Stream processing. This talk will showcase how I used Flink to accomplish my goal.


What is Real Time Aggregation​?
System Requirement
Flink vs Spark
Flink Cluster setup
Flink on Yarn
100% data completeness
Batch vs Realtime
Open Items

Speaker bio

I am a Staff Software Engineer in Walmart and Apache Oozie Committer. I am currently trying to solve some of the search problems. I am in Big Data space since last 10 years.


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