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Approaches and solutions for building privacy in products via engineering and design

ML Feature Store Enhancements for PDP Compliance

Submitted Jun 6, 2020

The new PDP (Personal Data Protection) Law, which is similar to GDPR
and CCPA, will be passed in the near future and will go into effect
immediately. All enterprise data services including analytics and data
science within the scope of the law are required to comply with the

Enrich, our product, is a customizable ML feature store for mid-market
enterprises that provides datasets to analysts and models at scale
everyday. Such data preparation services are on organizations’
compliance and privacy-activity critical path because of their
‘fan-out’ nature. They provide a convenient location to enforce policy
and safety mechanisms.

In this talk we discuss some of the compliance mechanisms that we are
building for clients. They include opensource compliance checklist to
help with the process, inventory classification service, ‘right to
forget’ service using anonymized lookup key service, and metadata
service to enable tracking of the datasets. The focus will be on the
generic capabilities, and not on Scribble or our product.


  1. PDP and Impact

    • Quick overview of PDP
    • Key provisions with architectural significance
  2. Feature Store Basics

    • How we see the bill
  3. PDP-related Extensions

    • Compliance checklist & tracking
    • Data inventory & classification
    • Data Quality
    • Consent manager & Data sanitization
    • Logging and metadata
  4. Open Challenges

    • Extending to enterprise beyond ML data prep
    • Uncertainties


High level understanding of ML model development process

Speaker bio

Dr. Venkata Pingali is Co-Founder and CEO of Scribble Data, an ML Engineering company with offices in India and Canada. Enrich, Scribble Data’s customizable ML Feature Store, enables organizations to address 10x analytics/data science use cases through trusted production datasets. Before starting Scribble Data, Dr. Pingali was VP of Analytics at a data consulting firm and CEO of an energy analytics firm. He has a BTech from IIT Mumbai and a Ph.D. from USC in Computer Science.