Privacy Engineering Conference

Privacy Engineering Conference

Approaches and solutions for building privacy in products via engineering and design

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Concerns about privacy are growing mainly because:

  1. The costs of compliance have increased, including monetary fines and penalties for non-compliance to regulations - GDPR, CCPA, sector-specific rules such as for health, fintech and social media platforms.
  2. Privacy is important to build trust with users, and for user retention.
  3. Growing awareness about privacy and demand from customers for businesses to guarantee privacy of their data.

These, and other imperatives - business, regulatory, governmental - are the basis for the Privacy Engineering Conference.

Plan for the Conference: Scheduled for January 2021, this conference will have the following build-up activities:

  1. Bi-monthly meetups, leading to the build-up of the conference.
  2. Public talks - by privacy engineers - to help us push the boundaries of engineering approaches and solutions.
  3. Round tables and Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions - for targeted domains and segments to discuss specific concerns, and how cross-pollination can occur for building towards a community for privacy enhancing technologies.
  4. Collaborations to create content such as cheatsheets, case studies, checklists and guides, which will help the tech industry in efforts for building privacy-tech.
  5. Workshops.
  6. Other activites as per needs, demand and topicality.

The Call for Proposals (CfP) is open. Presentations submitted via the CfP will be funneled to the build-up sessions.

Participate in Communities: If you are concerned/interested in discussing privacy, engineering and design issues, consider participating in groups such as:

  1. Cashless Consumer
  2. Kaarana
  3. null

These groups/communities actively discuss privacy, data governance and privacy-tech issues, including organizing events on topical issues.

You can also join The Fifth Elephant’s Telegram group here: to talk to data scientists and ML engineers on privacy-tech (among other topics).

Contact information: For queries, write to or call 7676332020.

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Submissions are closed for this project

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