A community forum for discussing supply chain, fulfillment, delivery and inventory management.

Flipkart campus, Bangalore

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SKU-sort-deliver is a forum for stakeholders from retail, e-commerce, food-tech, delivery and fulfillment, and areas connected with the broader field of logistics. The first event under this forum will be held at the Flipkart campus on 18 April 2020.

The goal of the first event is to deliberate on and understand:

  1. Operational challenges in warehousing, inventory management, supply chain, delivery and fulfillment.
  2. Discovery of new markets and customer segments in India, China and South-east Asia.
  3. Innovation from product/customer perspective including serving value-conscious customers, and small-scale businesses.
  4. Role of technology - and how business and technology talk to each other - for solving existing challenges.

This event will bring together:

  1. Chief Operations Officers (COOs)
  2. Product managers
  3. SME retail business owners
  4. Founders and CXO teams from startups operating in logistics space
  5. Operations teams
  6. Data scientists
  7. Product engineers
  8. Mapping and location data communities and practitioners
  9. Researchers

Format of the event:
The event will have three tracks including:

  1. General track for discussions on topics listed on
  2. SME and SMB track, specifically looking at issues of inventory management, warehousing, integrating inventory management and retail with payments.
  3. Unconference: where the agenda will be defined by participants.

Why you should attend:

  1. Network with leaders and practitioners from the industry.
  2. Share approaches to solving business problems.
  3. Get feedback on your work/ideas.

Contact details:
For more information about SKU-sort-deliver and the event, call +91-7676332020 or email


Flipkart campus

Auditorium, Ground Floor

Tower 5A, Embassy Tech Village Road

Bangalore - 560103

Karnataka, IN