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#KosaksiPasapugazhExperiments: A extrapolation of open source capabilities in AI

Submitted Jul 6, 2024

Speaker Experience
Speaker of Llama2 Paper discussion session at Hasgeek on Jan12

Please have a look at the video


1.Corporates perform guess estimates while building an AI product. At #KosaksiPasapugazhExperiments we will perform empirical experiments to give good priors in order to maximize the odds of winning.We wish it would reduce stochasticity by an order of magnitude
2.Address the lack of theoretical research in mathematical concepts hindering high-risk AI experiments in industry.
3.Conduct a range of high-risk AI experiments, to guide industry investment.
4.Provide working professionals with opportunities to explore cutting-edge AI problems and enhance their expertise.
5.Foster collaboration between academia and industry to tackle complex “spike problems.”
6.To give a broader survey of algorithmic working for diffrent statistical nature of data


1.Professional-driven experiments: Leverage the expertise of working professionals in AI and data science and work in agile way to contribute reguarly to open source.
2.Repo Maintainers will parallelize the tasks to induce collabration and innovate quickly
3.Data Scientists come togethor and look for gaps in open source models and create a roadmap to ensure corporate bottlenecks are removed.
4.Microsoft sponsorship: Utilize resources and support from a leading technology company.
5.Collaborative approach: Encourage knowledge sharing and innovation among participants.

Expected Outcomes

1.It’s designed as a win-win situation for data scientist as well as coporate as portfolio of data scientists gets built automatically and required open source capabilities of the industry is enhanced
2.Generation of innovative solutions to complex AI problems.
3.Advancement of theoretical research in AI-related mathematical concepts.
4.Creation of a network of skilled professionals pushing the boundaries of AI research.
5.Establishment of a sustainable model for industry-driven AI research and development.


This initiative is exclusively sponsored by Microsoft, demonstrating a commitment to advancing AI research and supporting professional development in the field.

The repo link below is for the student version.The experiments were done for a month.Please have a look at the discussions to feel the rigor of experiments
Repo Link:


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