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Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta

@anuj_gupta Proposing

Debugging DeepNets - practitioners black book

Submitted May 13, 2016

Secret Sauce to Building production quality Deep Nets


It will be great if someone can present a talk on the following points

  • Visualize if the weights have saturated
  • Visualize if the gradients have diminished(0) or exploded
  • Strategies to prevent the network from going into state where gradients have diminished(0) or exploded
  • Strategies to recover when gradients have diminished(0) or exploded (gradient clipping)
  • Good toolkits for early diagnosis and Visualization
  • detect bad initialisations
  • Strategies to prevent overfitting
  • badly conditioned activations
  • handle unbalanced datasets
  • Other Do’s and Dont’s and other Dark Arts to build good DeepNets

Speaker bio

Anuj is heading Deep Learning efforts at Freshdesk. you can find more about me on


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