Data quality - designing systems and processes for robust data observability

The Fifth Elephant monthly sessions at FOSS United Foundation meetups

Problem statement - why data quality, and data observability for designing systems and processes.

  • Data quality is an important topic and we could get people to talk about data observability and how to design systems and processes .
  • One of the key things changing in this space is bringing business users and technical actors together by thinking about data via semantics rather than thinking about data as just an interchange and storage activity.

Three questions that each session will address:

  • technologies and products that are being built, thereby potentially bridging the relationship with FOSS
  • Processes and systems being designed - with experience sharing of what, why, how and how much.

Outcome of the sessions - what will participants take away each time they attend:

Who should speak

  1. Product managers
  2. Data architects, principal and staff data engineers
  3. CISO team - (Information security)

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All about data science and machine learning

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