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Mayur Relekar


How we do end-to-end encryption at

Submitted Sep 29, 2020

A deep dive into how we do E2EE and how we intend to improve on the E2EE implementation in our secure file sharing product called Skizzle.

  1. You will learn not only about our current E2EE implementation but also our proposed future implementation where we intend to employ Signal’s Double Ratchet Algorithm
  2. We will also discuss our measures to ensure Skizzle is privacy preserving.
  3. We will also discuss how we leverage a public blockchain to bring about unprecedented trust in Skizzle.


In its current avatar, Skizzle is a browser extension that allows you to send/receive end-to-end encrypted attachments right in your Gmail. All user actions are written to a public blockchain which allows them to publicly verify their account usage and the state of their files(who has access), at any time.
With a focus on data security and being privacy preserving, Skizzle intends to create a suite of products for various platforms that allows all kinds of users(individuals, small or big businesses/institutions) to plug E2EE of files and data into their normal workflow when using their favorite email or chat clients.
We also intend to expand into a secure storage and data sharing platform where developers can plug our SDKs into their apps and offer a variety of E2EE use cases to their users, right out of the box.

Talk Sequence:

  1. Introduction to Skizzle
  2. How does Skizzle do E2EE
  3. How is Skizzle privacy preserving
  4. How is Skizzle transparent
  5. What the future looks like for Skizzle

Speaker bio

Mayur Relekar


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