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  • India’s most prestigious big data, ML and data science conference since 2012.
  • A platform for practitioners to share real-life case studies of working with data, ML systems and data science - across advertising, e-commerce, OEMs, automobile industry, and platforms.
  • Relevant themes and topics each year, which helps practitioners to gain practical insights from The Fifth Elephant Conference.

The Fifth Elephant 2023 editions

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Themes for 2024 edition

  1. Data engineering and data science - managing, running and optimizing data pipelines; feature engineering; open source alternatives to vendor lock-in; recommendation systems; fraud processing.
  2. Best practices for LLM training, inference and deployment; implementing security while incorporating LLMs and SLMS in organizations; working with Open Source LLM models; security, bias and risk mitigation.
  3. GenAI - Generative AI based use-cases; GenAI and hardware.

The Conference will also host workshops, tutorials, round tables and Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions for interactive participation and networking.

Speaking at The Fifth Elephant 2024

The conference follows the peer process of reviewing submissions, and followed by rehearsals with selected speakers. If you want to speak at the conference, submit your abstract and slides at https://hasgeek.com/fifthelephant/2024/sub.


The 2024 edition will be held in-person. Attendance is open to The Fifth Elephant members only. Pick a membership to attend the in-person conference.

Who will benefit from participating in the conference and The Fifth Elephant community

  1. AI/ML/Data Science/Ops engineers who want to learn about state-of-the-art tools and techniques, especially from domains such as health care, e-commerce, automobile, agri-tech and industrial verticals
  2. Data scientists who want a deeper understanding of model deployment/governance.
  3. Architects who are building ML workflows that scale.
  4. Tech founders and CTOs who are building products and platforms that leverage data, ML and LLMs.
  5. Product managers, who want to learn about the process of building AI/ML products.
  6. Directors, VPs and senior tech leadership who are building AI/ML teams.


Sponsorship slots are open for:

  1. Employer branding and visibility
  2. Infrastructure (GPU, CPU and cloud providers) and developer productivity tool makers who want to evangelise their offering to developers and decision-makers.
  3. Companies who want to do tech branding among AI and ML developers.
  4. Venture Capital (VC) firms and investors who want to scan the landscape of innovations and innovators in AI and who want to source leads for investment in the AI and ML space.

If you are interested in sponsoring The Fifth Elephant, contact sales@hasgeek.com.


“The Fifth Elephant has been a community of passionate and talented people in tech and is for me one of the most valuable sources of practical insights into ML and AI and related aspects” — said Manu Hegde, a member of The Fifth Elephant.

“I have been a regular attendee at Fifth Elephant events since 2016 and I always take away a lot of applied wisdom from the speakers and other practitioners I meet. Often this is about common problem but many times it’s also about topics that I was not even aware of and it definitely broadens my view. The talks are on-point and derive from real world experience with very little to no marketing fluff. The Fifth Elephant community is welcoming of feedback and very supportive to all members.” - said Sidharth Ramachandran, a member of The Fifth Elephant.

Contact information

Join The Fifth Elephant Telegram group on https://t.me/fifthel or WhatsApp group. Follow @fifthel on Twitter.
For inquiries, call The Fifth Elephant on +91-7676332020 or leave a comment here.

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Yuvraj Gagneja


Scaling Customer Delight at Zomato using AI

Submitted May 15, 2024


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Generative AI is playing a pivotal role in transforming how our businesses interact with the customers.

GenAI is being leveraged to solve a variety of use-cases innovatively at Zomato and Blinkit - Recipe Rover, Zomato AI, People Co-pilot, Logs Co-pilot, and Customer Delight (ZIA).

This talk will focus on the journey of Gen AI in scaling Customer Delight at Zomato.

Target Audience

The primary audience for this talk includes anyone interested in Gen AI applications at scale - AI researchers, developers, engineers, product and business leaders.

Outline For Customer Delight Solution Deep Dive

  • Problems with old flow
    • Feels transactional and pre-defined
    • Unable to decipher intent and actual issue faced by the customer
  • Requirements of a solution
    • Feel conversational and generate contextual replies
    • Understand the intent and issue and provide resolutions accordingly
    • Escalate to a human agent when unable to provide resolution
  • Prime metrics to track success of the solution
    • CSAT scores
    • Escalation %
    • Cost and Latency
  • AI Solution Design
    • Explanation and reasoning behind chosen architecture
    • Marrying linguistic variables with code - policies
    • Some other optimisations
    • Evaluation pipeline for staying on top
  • Next Steps
    • Optimizing for control, cost, latency
    • Personalisation for customer love
    • Automating post order delivery delight
    • Expand to Blinkit

Outline For System Design to Enable AI Customer Delight at Scale

  • Agent Orchestrator Service
  • Internal AI Interfaces Demo
  • Internal LLM Evaluation Toolkit

Key Takeaways

  • Building and scaling GenAI systems for real-world applications (Mother’s day performance of the bot)
  • Transforming traditional customer support from transactional to conversational
  • Integrating linguistic models with business policies to implement guardrails in AI systems
  • Evaluation pipeline for a constant feedback loop


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