The Fifth Elephant 2023 Monsoon

On AI, industrial applications of ML, and MLOps



Ayyanar Jeyakrishnan


MLOps for Enterprise using AWS Sagemaker

Submitted May 17, 2023

My Previous Session MLOps for Enterprise on Sagemaker

Reference Architecture of MLOps for Enterprise:

Playlist of Introduction Session:


MLOps refers to the practices and tools utilized to manage and operationalize machine learning models at Enterprise scale.

The solution focuses on leveraging the capabilities of AWS SageMaker, a fully managed service that simplifies the end-to-end machine learning workflow. It starts by providing an introduction to MLOps, highlighting the challenges faced by enterprises when deploying and managing machine learning models in production environments.

Understand about below AWS Sagemaker Services - Datawrangler, Autopilot, Feature Store, Model Governance, Model Monitoring, Clarify, Sagemaker Endpoint.


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