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Vaishnavi A B

Driving profitable growth with data and predictive modeling in startups.

Submitted Jun 27, 2023

By using advanced analytics and predictive modeling, growth systems have real-time access to customer journey insights. With this data and real time segmentation and prediction models, each stage of the marketing funnel can be optimized to more effectively nurture leads to convert. Which inturn helps drive up ROI.

Accurate channel attribution: Leverage probabilistic attribution to attribute conversions and revenue to specific marketing channels, enabling effective resource allocation and optimization of acquisition strategies.
Real-time user segmentation: Real time models to segment users based on acquisition channels, financial behavior, demographics, and preferences, facilitating personalized messaging and tailored experiences for different audience segments.
Predictive modeling for D1 ROI: Harness the power of predictive models to forecast the return on investment of newly acquired customers, leveraging historical data and advanced algorithms. This empowers data-informed decision-making on customer acquisition costs and retention strategies, optimizing long-term profitability.
Audience-specific proposition: Employ AI-driven analysis of customer data to gain insights into their unique needs and pain points, allowing for the customization of value propositions that address those specific requirements, setting the company apart from competitors.

Advanced analytics and predictive modeling gives companies more control over their marketing spends and revenues expected from the same, helping them to identify business opportunities and mitigate potential risks.

Author & Speaker:
Avinash Ramakanth, Sr. Vice President & Co-founder, Bright Money


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