The Fifth Elephant 2020 edition

On data governance, engineering for data privacy and data science

The ninth edition of The Fifth Elephant will be held in Bangalore on 16 and 17 July 2020.

The Fifth Elephant brings together over one thousand data scientists, ML engineers, data engineers and analysts to discuss:

  1. Data governance
  2. Data privacy and engineering for privacy including engineering for Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill.
  3. Data cleaning, annotation, instrumentation and productionizing data science.
  4. Identifying and handling fraud + data security at scale
  5. Feature engineering and ML platforms.
  6. What it takes to create data-driven cultures in organizations of different scales.

**Event details:

Dates: 16-17 July 2020
Venue: NIMHANS Convention Centre, Dairy Circle, Bangalore

Why you should attend:

  1. Network with peers and practitioners from the data ecosystem.
  2. Share approaches to solving expensive problems such as cleanliness of training data, annotation, model management and versioning data.
  3. Demo your ideas in the demo sessions.
  4. Join Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions to have productive discussions on focussed topics. Or, start your own Birds of Feather (BOF) session.

Contact details:
For more information about The Fifth Elephant, call +91-7676332020 or email


NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore

Hosur Main Road, Lakkasandra,

Hombegowda Nagar

Bengaluru - 560029

Karnataka, IN