The Fifth Elephant 2018

The Fifth Elephant 2018

The seventh edition of India's best data conference

Puneet Mathur


Robot Quotient - The Machine versus Human Debate

Submitted Jan 26, 2018

This is a contemporary paper which gives to the idea of measuring Intelligence in Robots and Machines. It gives a new perspective to the human thinking of machines. With Saudi Arabia granting citizenship to a female robot Sophia in 2017 the debate of whether robots will replace humans and if so in what ways? Will Humans and Robots coexist? Will Robots and Humans do different work or compete for the same work? Will we have Robot bosses which will monitor and track humans? Who will monitor the Robots?
This paper attempts to answer not just such questions but also tries to give information on future direction that Artificial Intelligence is bound to grow towards. It tries to break some of the myths that prevail among humans about machines, such as is a machine better than humans?
The reader of this paper will get a clear picture on the evolution of the machines and their Artificial Intelligence in the future. Human intelligence is currently measured by a test known as Intelligence Quotient today. In the future however this is going to change. This paper provides insights into such changes which would happen and give direction to our social lives.


The paper is intended for those humans who are anxious on the role that robots will play in our near future and the long term future. The audience of this paper is anybody who has come in touch with a smart machine be it in their personal lives or professional lives in any way and has had the question how are these robots able to perform intelligent tasks which humans used to do previously. All those who want to know compare and understand the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence.


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Speaker bio

Puneet Mathur is an author of bestselling books on Amazon total of 9 books:

  1. Predictive Program manager Series 2 volumes - Createspace
  2. Predictology Series 2 volumes - Createspace
  3. Instant Karma 9 Quick methods of Prediction Series 3 volumes- Createspace
  4. Good Money Bad Money - Createspace
  5. Reiki Myths & Mysteries – Createspace

Puneet Mathur, MBA, PMP, CCD is a data scientist and machine learning consultant and alumni of IIM Bangalore in Business Analytics and Intelligence. He is a predictor and author of international bestsellers that teach people to predict in the right way. Puneet’s first book Instant Karma 9 quick methods for prediction became popular and was in the Indian Bestsellers list, Some of his predictions include President Obama’s Elections in 2012 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s win in elections accurately.
The uniqueness in Puneet’s writings which is reflected in his books is the ease with which he has combined Modern Machine Learning techniques with traditional prediction techniques like Astrology. His research in subjects spans economics, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, quality management, web analytics etc.
Throughout his career spanning 18+ years, he has researched techniques of Predictive Analytics, Statistics, Machine Learning and Astrology to combine and give birth to a new age science known as “Data Science Astrology”. This technique he has revealed to the public domain now by predicting results of US Presidential elections 2016 in his latest book series Predictology.



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