The Fifth Elephant 2018

The Fifth Elephant 2018

The seventh edition of India's best data conference

Aina Rao (nagu rao)


GDPR- The wave of Data Privacy

Submitted Jul 1, 2018

GDPR is a wave of regulation that has hit Europe. It is a breakthrough regulation that sets the trend for unified data privacy norms across Europe with far reaching impacts.
In this talk, Aina will take us through the history of Data privacy regulation, the latest trends, and what it means for companies and individuals globally.
The talk will be of immense interest for anyone doing, or looking to do business in Europe.


The talk will cover the why, the how, the what and the where of Data privacy, with specific emphasis on GDPR.
GDPR is the most wide-spanning regulation covering Data Privacy. It has become effective since May 2018 and will have wide-ranging impacts for global firms dealing with European data.



Speaker bio

About the speaker: Aina is a Global Financial Services and Risk Professional, with start-up expertise. She has over 20 years of experience in Capital markets, Investment Banking, funds management, Insurance, Retail Financial Services.

In these 20 years, she has donned multiple roles, working across Marketing, Operations, Risk, Compliance and Technology, Data Privacy, Audits, Policy, Security, Strategy, with MNCs and early-stage companies. She is also CISM, CCSK and ISO certified, a certified professional trainer, a speaker for TIE events and has been published by the Financial Times publications. Also an author, she writes a popular blog, as an aamaurat of India.


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