The Fifth Elephant 2017

On data engineering and application of ML in diverse domains

sainath v


Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation - Adding Intelligence to your Enterprise Business

Submitted Jun 9, 2017

Machine learning and the larger world of artificial intelligence (AI) are no longer martial arts. As a new breed of software that is able to learn without being explicitly programmed, machine learning (deep learning and supervised learning) can access, analyse, and find patterns in, Big Data in a way that is beyond human capabilities. We all know that the world is moving to a more data driven decision making ecosystem and building machines that can take those decision, And here we’ve made it easier to unlock its potential thru Leonardo embedded with machine learning and IoT capabilities, easily accessible through the container (gardener) in Cloud Platform.


The next 15 min is all about,

  1. How we go about implementing machine learning / Supervised learning through LEONARDO, with deep dive into our foundation.
  2. How to build intelligent enterprise with a machine learning platform and software that unite human expertise and computer insights.
  3. Discover how easy it can be to become an algorithm-driven business that lets you automate highly repetitive tasks, support strategic decision making, and turn data into smart actions.
  4. Easy way of analyzing time-series data and detect changes thru user friendly analytics.

Speaker bio

Sainath, an Information Technology consultant with over 14+ years of experience at various organizations oracle, siemens, sap labs, delivering value to a wide range of customers in the private sector. He has demonstrated consistent success in achieving organizational business objectives through implementation of technology solutions across various avenues of Cloud-Product’s/Change Management/DevOps business with solid experience in project planning, analyzing product requirements across globe, monitoring and resource balancing skills for multiple projects in matrix organizational structure and also IT Services Practices with responsibility for building service portfolio, business development and creation of customer specific solutions. As a Senior Cloud consultant, he provides best practices as plans - to teams in order to meld operations and development to quickly deliver code to customers. He did his Postgraduation in Strategy management from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India, and Engineering from Krishna University.



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