The Fifth Elephant 2017

On data engineering and application of ML in diverse domains

Pranshu Saxena


How Paytm uses k8s for global expansion

Submitted Apr 4, 2017

At Paytm, we are constantly engaged in creating new environments and aligning infrastructure for standard services such as Authentication, Access, Logging/Monitoring etc. There is also the case of dynamic resource allocation, high-availability, scalability, security - then factor in ‘x’ number of environments and you have a fairly complex problem to solve. This is especially the case for big data infrastructure where many of these aspects are dynamic and changes happen very frequently - we’re constantly trying to hit a moving target. Enter Kubernetes: In this talk, we will dive into how we addressed these challenges and how we leveraged Kubernetes and Infrastructure as code to not only deploy big data enviornments with integrated logging/monitoring, dynamic resource allocation and high-availability but also reduce costs and increase efficiency in a secure, automated rollout.


-Infrastructure as code (Pre-Deployment)
-Deployment (on AWS)
-Deploying applications/services
-Security considerations


We can present this subject as in-depth and technical or present it as a mid level, business orientated talk

Speaker bio

We will find out who can travel once selected and then share this info. It will surely one of the people who worked on this project from our office in Toronto.


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