The Fifth Elephant 2017

On data engineering and application of ML in diverse domains

Gaurav Goswami


Causal Analytics in Retail and Telco

Submitted Apr 28, 2017

In this talk, I will discuss causal analytics using machine learning in the retail and telco domains. This talk should provide a brief overview of the value machine learning can provide in these domains along with the associated challenges and opportunities.


The key aspects of the talk are:

  • Introduction to the need for causal analytics in retail and telco settings: identification and explanation of anomalies
  • Discussion on the challenges and opportunities
  • Using external data for additional signals in the retail setting
  • Challenges in automating causal relationships only using observational data
  • Overview of possible approaches and expected outcomes

Speaker bio

I am currently working at IBM India as an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning expert. My Ph.D. thesis focuses on using machine learning and computer vision techniques to solve challenges in face recognition by improving the computation and combination of robust representations. I have had the opportunity to be a part of crafting a machine learning based solution for real world use cases in these domains. This talk will provide a brief overview of my experience and perspective on some of the key aspects of applied causal analytics.



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