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On data engineering and application of ML in diverse domains

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Building a converged platform for data analytics

Submitted by David Sangma (@davidsangma) on Jun 12, 2017

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This talk will explain the approaches one must take to build a converged platform for data analytics. We at IQLECT have built a real-time analytics platform and will like to share the experience. Also this helps answer an important question, Build or Buy.


What are the factors for building a software converged platform? What are key things to consider? What kind of challenges will be faced? What kind of approach should one take to choose the stack?

Speaker bio

Sachin Sinha is the CEO and founder of IQLECT, a real-time big data analytics organization. IQLECT’s platform allows real-time analysis on streaming data from different sources such as devices, applications, logs and websites. Sachin is also the author & creator of BangDB, a NoSQL database designed for real-time analysis and monitoring. Alumni of IIT Kanpur, Sachin’s previous experiences include CTO at Jabong, co-founder & CTO at Limeroad, Engineering head at Amazon and Microsoft