The Fifth Elephant 2016

India's most renowned data science conference

Venkatramanan P.R.


Statistical Models for Better Customer Engagement

Submitted Apr 21, 2016

We look at the various stages of a sales/marketing funnel, and see how data science can be used to improve effectiveness of the processes, understand what the customer wants, and discover new ways of engagement in each stage. We discuss the statistical models, the business metrics they drive, and share real life examples from our experience.


This is a tech + business talk. We will look at various stages of a marketing/sales funnel (awareness, interest, purchase, post-puchase experience and loyalty) and examine statistical models that work for each stage.

Speaker bio

Venkat works as a Data Scientist at ThoughtWorks, Bangalore. He enjoys long walks, interesting discussions and single malts.

Before taking on this role, he used to work as a Physicist, working primarily in the field of phase transitions in Soft Condensed Matter physics. He is currently interested in understanding the behaviour of complex systems (specifically, networks of coupled agents).


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