The Fifth Elephant 2016

India's most renowned data science conference

The Fifth Elephant is India’s most renowned data science conference. It is a space for discussing some of the most cutting edge developments in the fields of machine learning, data science and technology that powers data collection and analysis.

Machine Learning, Distributed and Parallel Computing, and High-performance Computing continue to be the themes for this year’s edition of Fifth Elephant.

We are now accepting submissions for our next edition which will take place in Bangalore 28-29 July 2016.


We are looking for application level and tool-centric talks and tutorials on the following topics:

  1. Deep Learning
  2. Text Mining
  3. Computer Vision
  4. Social Network Analysis
  5. Large-scale Machine Learning (ML)
  6. Internet of Things (IoT)
  7. Computational Biology
  8. ML in healthcare
  9. ML in education
  10. ML in energy and ecology
  11. ML in agriculrure
  12. Analytics for emerging markets
  13. ML in e-governance
  14. ML in smart cities
  15. ML in defense

The deadline for submitting proposals is 30th April 2016


This year’s edition spans two days of hands-on workshops and conference. We are inviting proposals for:

  • Full-length 40 minute talks.
  • Crisp 15-minute talks.
  • Sponsored sessions, 15 minute duration (limited slots available; subject to editorial scrutiny and approval).
  • Hands-on Workshop sessions, 3 and 6 hour duration.

Selection process

Proposals will be filtered and shortlisted by an Editorial Panel. We urge you to add links to videos / slide decks when submitting proposals. This will help us understand your past speaking experience. Blurbs or blog posts covering the relevance of a particular problem statement and how it is tackled will help the Editorial Panel better judge your proposals.

We expect you to submit an outline of your proposed talk – either in the form of a mind map or a text document or draft slides within two weeks of submitting your proposal.

We will notify you about the status of your proposal within three weeks of submission.

Selected speakers must participate in one-two rounds of rehearsals before the conference. This is mandatory and helps you to prepare well for the conference.

There is only one speaker per session. Entry is free for selected speakers. As our budget is limited, we will prefer speakers from locations closer home, but will do our best to cover for anyone exceptional. HasGeek will provide a grant to cover part of your travel and accommodation in Bangalore. Grants are limited and made available to speakers delivering full sessions (40 minutes or longer).

Commitment to open source

HasGeek believes in open source as the binding force of our community. If you are describing a codebase for developers to work with, we’d like it to be available under a permissive open source licence. If your software is commercially licensed or available under a combination of commercial and restrictive open source licences (such as the various forms of the GPL), please consider picking up a sponsorship. We recognise that there are valid reasons for commercial licensing, but ask that you support us in return for giving you an audience. Your session will be marked on the schedule as a sponsored session.

Key dates and deadlines

  • Revised paper submission deadline: 17 June 2016
  • Confirmed talks announcement (in batches): 13 June 2016
  • Schedule announcement: 30 June 2016
  • Conference dates: 28-29 July 2016

The Fifth Elephant will be held at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Dairy Circle, Bangalore.

For more information about speaking proposals, tickets and sponsorships, contact or call +91-7676332020.

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The Fifth Elephant - known as one of the best data science and Machine Learning conference in Asia - has transitioned into a year-round forum for conversations about data and ML engineering; data science in production; data security and privacy practices. more

Makerville Systems


Four horsemen of the IoT

Submitted May 1, 2016

MQTT brokers have been around for quite a bit. But never before has there been so much active development for IoT cloud providers. Silicon is cheaper than ever. IoT, especially industrial, is now feasible for even small and medium sized enterprises with lower margins.


I will be splitting the talk in 4 parts.

  1. Security
  2. Cloud backend
  3. Hardware (yay!)
  4. Data

Security - How to ensure that your devices don’t turn up on Shodan

You not only have to worry about using SSL/TLS (which is not always possible on low power silicon), but you also need to ensure that your device firmware stays secure. Non-standard practices, planned and unplanned obsolescence are causing consumers to be extremely cautious.

Running the backend like GOOG/AAPL

What if you were Apple or Google and had to manage millions of devices ?? With IoT you will have to manage devices like the big guys, no matter how small you are.
For example MSFT now has device queries in Azure IoT which is a neat buil tool to manage your fleet.


From 8 bit microcontrollers, to FPGAs. Everything is an option as prices drop and tools become open source. The hobbyist and maker movement is surely accelerating things with the rise of ESP and Pi.
I’ll be going through this as briefly as possible using some tables and charts.
This will also cover a quick comparison of the wireless protocols.

Data -The currency of our times

You might have heard how Foursquare is accurately predicting revenue reports using the sensors in your phones. Tools like Amazon’s Rules Engine let you pipe data, like you would on the CLI, on the cloud. I’ll be showing a few examples of going from a single device to a stream of thousands using simple point-and-click configurations.

Tools like these don’t just let you collate and quantify your data, but also let you create ML models on the fly. AWS and IBM Watson are two such examples who are providing tight integrations between data gathere from things and predictions made by complex algorithms.



Speaker bio

Anuj runs his own little company called Makerville, where they build hardware and the software to go with it. Some of their projects. He is working on a project called Knit which he is super excited about!

Before this he was part of the team that did Tah. He also loves to build interactive installations, like Internet connected bubble machines and life size smartphones.



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The Fifth Elephant - known as one of the best data science and Machine Learning conference in Asia - has transitioned into a year-round forum for conversations about data and ML engineering; data science in production; data security and privacy practices. more