The Fifth Elephant 2016

India's most renowned data science conference

Udaya Chitta


Exploit conceptual data models using ontology modeling

Submitted May 2, 2016

We will introduce the audience to a different way of modeling data. And demonstrate creating an Ontology model using structured and unstructured content.


Ontology modeling breaks the strict rules mandated in a relational setting. It also allows a conceptual modeling paradigm which makes way for unstructured text content to be part of the Data Definition including the Master Data. The purpose of the session is to introduce the user to the Ontology Modeling framework, iteratively turn around a commonplace traditional data model which comes along with some text content into s set of concepts. Mine the entities and relations and instances from the data available and finally arrive at a Ontology Model version of the original relational Data Model along with the instances.


Relational Data Model basics

Speaker bio

I am Udaya Chitta, and I specialize in text and open source analytics solutions. Currently working for the Data Science practice in Capgemini, Bangalore.


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