The Fifth Elephant 2016

India's most renowned data science conference

Srinivasa Rao Aravilli


Design Patterns in IoT/IoE

Submitted Mar 30, 2016

In this talk, I will share some of the design patterns which we have implemented in Smart Buildings/Smart Cities and Smart Anlaytics solutions.


Introduction to IoE
Probable issues with implementing the Smart Building/Smart Cities
- How to create and execute the schedules ( trivial usecase: switch on the lights at 6 PM) at builiding level, city level with millons of points (sesnsors)
- Patterns to implement the schedules - Pros and Cons with each approach
- (Control Point, Gateways, Application level uisng Quartz )
- Optimize the data which needs to be sent to the Servers at the Data center for analytics
- Machine learning algorithems which are used for optimzing the data for transportation
- Analytics at the Edge ( Gateway or Device)
- Machine learning algorithems for Anamoloy detection of Sesnors
- Smart Sensors

Speaker bio

Srinivasa Rao Aravilli have expeirence of 20 years in the Software Industry and played various engineering roles. Currently working at Cisco as a Sr. Eng.Manager and leading products/solutions development groups related to Smart Connected Communities ( Smart Buildings, Smart Cities) and Smart Services.


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