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Sivasankari Ramamurthy


Artificial Intelligence for Efficient Financial Markets

Submitted Apr 29, 2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI)! This is not just the name of the 2001 Spielberg movie! It is also the field of study to create machines capable of intelligent behavior.

Today, AI is being applied in a wide range of fields including medical diagnosis, stock trading, robot control, law, remote sensing, scientific discovery and toys.

In her talk, Siva will take us on a short journey through the world of AI applications and its impact in the current world. There is something to learn for everyone in the presentation, from a technologist to a business professional, as the talk dives into transformative technologies that will impact the future of the financial services space.


15 minute Duration of Crisp Talk!
What is AI/
distinction between AI and Machine Learning
Examples of AI [generic]
Bird’s eye view of Financial Services Domain/activities
Specfics into opportunities in the Front/Mid/back office operations to use AI tools
Various Related Tech Platforms , Analysis Algos, AI techniques
End Note

Speaker bio

Sivasankari (Siva) is a Senior Manager, Technology with Sapient Global Markets, Bangalore.

She has over 15 years of technology and consulting experience in software product development and providing technology based solutions in the areas of Hedge Fund Administration, Securities Trading (Financing of Trades, Back Office Operations related to Settlement and Clearing of Fixed Income Securities and Prime Brokerage C&S), Insurance and BPM.

Siva possesses multiple skill sets, having worked with MS Technologies, C++ and Object Oriented s/w development work in Java and J2EE Technologies, XML and Web services. She has worked as a Project Lead/Consultant responsible for the delivery and quality of projects.

She leads the Women’s Leadership Network at Sapient Global Markets and is active in programs promoting Gender Diversity and empowering women in their career growth. She is also active managing key CSR projects.


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