The Fifth Elephant 2015

A conference on data, machine learning, and distributed and parallel computing

Gagandeep singh


What does your website look like to a web-crawler

Submitted Jun 15, 2015

The objective of this talk is to go deeper into what site structure is, potential problems with respect to discoverability of your website from the perspective of a web crawler and how to go about fixing it.


A case study of what a good website would be from the perspective of a web-crawler that analyzes your website to discover webpages and ranks the best pages for search terms.
Talk covers various ways of computing measures on a link graph and ways of improving it.


Basics of graph theory

Speaker bio

Gagan is a staff engineer at Bloomreach India. He leads the organic engineering in India and has worked on a bunch of problems relating to the discoverability and relevance of websites from the perspective of search engines. His forté is building applications consuming huge amounts of data to generate meaningful insights.
Prior to Bloomreach, Gagan was an engineer at Google working on Speech recognition, Google maps and web optimization techniques.

Gagan is a B.Tech from IIT Delhi and was ranked 2nd at the Regional Math Olympiad, and a big anime enthusiast.


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