The Fifth Elephant 2015

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Suchitra Amalapurapu


Solr compute cloud - An elastic Solr infrastructure

Submitted Jun 15, 2015

Go over various challenges in scaling solr search platform to serve hundreds of millions of documents with low latencies and high throughput in a multi tenant architecture.


Scaling search platforms is an extremely hard problem and involves a number of challenges like serving hundreds of millions of documents with low latencies, high through at optimized cost.

At BloomReach, we have implemented SC2, an elastic Solr infrastructure for big data applications that can support cloud based heterogeneous workloads, scale search servers dynamically, provide application and pipeline level isolation, offer latency guarantees and application specific performance tuning and provide high availability features like cluster replacement, cross data center support, disaster recovery etc..,

This talk goes over the architecture of SC2 infrastructure at Bloomreach and the various challenges involved in scaling a large scale distributed search platform.


Some background on search applications is needed for this talk. We will go indepth into advanced scaling aspects with working sample use cases around Solr.

Speaker bio

Suchi has been working at Bloomreach on Search, user data and personalization platforms for the last 3 years.
Her areas of expertise include mobile frameworks, scaling search applications, performance tuning of huge distributed search platforms, user data/personalization applications. Prior to Bloomreach, Suchi was a founding member of the Android framework team and has made extensive contributions to the Android framework.

Suchi has an MS from University of Cincinnati and BE from BITS, Pilani. Her prior work experience includes working in companies like Google, Motorola and IBM Almaden.


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