The Fifth Elephant 2015

A conference on data, machine learning, and distributed and parallel computing

Manoj Sundaram


Securing your Enterprise Hadoop Cluster

Submitted May 27, 2015

Hadoop was originally developed for crawling the Internet and indexing - where security is not a concern. But we have come a long way since then. Major banks and organizations are adopting Hadoop as their preferred Big Data platform and there is a growing emphasis on securing the Data and the Cluster components/resources. In a complicated, distributed system like Hadoop, there are several attack vectors that need to be mitigated and companies need to comply with standards like PCI, SOX, HIPAA and so on.

This session will help the audience understand the different levels at which security can be enforced to truly protect your data and your Hadoop cluster.


Data Breaches are costly to any organization and the number of incidents keep going up every year. For a nice visual of some of the largest data breahes in histroy, please check the below URL, I was able to find on the internet.

Okay, we get it. Secuirty threats are everywhere and can occur anytime, but how do we alleviate them? This is what I will be covering in my talk.

High level overview of topics to be covered:
1. Why Security has become imperative for a Hadoop cluster?
2. The pillars of Security
3. Securing the perimeter (Apache Knox, others)
4. Authentication frameworks (Kerberos/AD/LDAP integration)
5. Authorization (RBAC/Project Sentry/Intel Rhino)
6. Data protection/Encryption (Encryption at Rest, Transit, How to encrypt without a large performance hit?)
7. Auditing and Data Governance
8. Sensitive Data Redaction (a very recent advancement to Hadoop! a much needed one!)
9. What’s in store for the future of Hadoop security?

Speaker bio

Manoj leads the APAC team at Intel for the Big Data Solution Enablement Organization. He works with customers on a daily basis to help them design, plan and deploy Hadoop clusters; securing the platform; troubleshooting and performance tuning.

He is an expert in Hadoop operations, Operating Systems, Networks and Security administration. He is also a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), Red hat Certified Security specialist (RHCSS), Red hat certified Datacenter Specialist (RHCDS) and a Cloudera Certified Administrator in Hadoop (CCAH).

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