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Amit Jain


Leveraging Cloud for BigData Analytics - Patterns, Options and Practical Next Steps

Submitted May 28, 2015

This talk will cover in-depth about leveraging public clouds for Big data analytics. It will also describe the next steps to get you started on your cloud based big data analytics initiative.


Of late, Cloud has proven to be a great enabler for Big data analytics. A great example of convergence of two very powerful technologies. All the leading public cloud vendors like Amazon, Microsoft and Google have done (and are continuing to do) extensive research in this area to utilize the key strengths of cloud computing to provide different big data capabilities. Amazon EMR, Azure ML and Google BigQuery are some of the more visible options available.

We will talk about the why, what and how of Big Data on cloud during this session.

The talk will start with highlights of the key benefits of leveraging cloud for big data applications. Usage of elastic nature of cloud to cater to the high throughput and large data volume requirements. Big Data Analytics is slowly migrating towards Cloud Computing platforms – we will look at the drivers that are making this happen.

This talk will then cover existing cloud based big data capabilities available under different clouds and will give sense of direction in which further research is going. It will also help with making vendor choices based on the nature of your big data analytics requirement. You will get answers about how to handle structured, semi-structured, unstructured and streaming data workloads on cloud. We will see how to handle massive data storage, support for Hadoop and spark for data processing and data visualization using the cloud infrastructure. A brief look will be given to the aspect of significant cost savings achieved when using cloud for big data.

I will discuss in detail about a real world example of Big Data application successfully deployed on cloud.

This will be followed by describing the next steps to get you started on your cloud based big data analytics initiative.


Conceptual understanding of Big Data analytics.
Conceptual understanding of Cloud Computing.

Speaker bio

Amit Jain has almost 2 decades of experience in the software industry. He has got the opportunity to work on variety of technologies in India and United States; growing his technical career starting with mainframes to some of the cutting edge technologies of today. He is serving Aricent Technologies as Technology Director. He is the key technology driver for Big Data and Cloud computing initiatives at his organization.


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