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chinmayi sk

Holistic Security Process for Humanitarian Projects

Submitted Jun 15, 2015

Humanitarian projects usually contain sensitive information and are more prone to risks. Hence it is important to include security holistically in project planning. The objective of the session would be to present good data security practises to be followed while working on a humanitarian project.


I will be talking about a process designed by technologists and human rights activists during responsible data forum which was held in March 2015 at Manila .Here we have designed a detailed process for risk assesment for human rights documentation based on responsible data project lifecycle (
In this session I will be sharing the process and along with that good practises one should be following while designing a humanitarian project.

Speaker bio

I am a technologist with keen interest in building humanitarian technologies.
I lead the India Chapter of Random Hacks of Kindness and I am a part of its global board.Random Hacks of Kindness is a global community of volunteers who build get together to build humanitarian technologies.
I also work on an interesting project called “The Bachchao Project” where i work with several NGOs and communities who work on solving Gender Based Violence.


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