The Fifth Elephant 2015

A conference on data, machine learning, and distributed and parallel computing

Shubham Bansal


High Performance Tiled Map Service

Submitted Jun 15, 2015

To introduce the service behind the housing map interface and discuss the technical challenges and performance bottlenecks faced while developing the tiling map service.


Tiling service is the key service behind our map interface. It is responsible for smooth user interactions in dense inventory areas and, scaling our map interface. Our TMS(Tile Map service) faces the challenge of generating decluttered markers at real time for an unrestricted combination of filters and a rapidly changing inventory. The large number of filters restricts precomputation of tiles and frequent changes in inventory make it necessary to use a sophisticated caching mechanism. These conditions also make it impossible to have a client side overlay over Google Maps.

In this talk we’ll discuss the conditions that lead to creation of a dedicated maps service. We’ll also discuss the principal components of tiling service, such as, caching strategies, decluttering logic, real time image encoding techniques and the challenges we faced during their implementation.


There are no requirements for this session.

Speaker bio

Speakers: Shubham Bansal, Mudit Gupta
Shubham Bansal is a developer at Housing and is responsible for developing tile service. He is currently working as a part of Search and Maps team in housing. Maps team is responsible for delivering all map related capabilities of the system.

Mudit is a developer at and has been leading the search and realtime recommendations at Housing. He is a FOSS enthusiast and has contributed actively to various projects including the collaborative filtering module at mlpack.




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