The Fifth Elephant 2015

A conference on data, machine learning, and distributed and parallel computing

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NIMHANS Convention center

Machine Learning, Distributed and Parallel Computing, and High-performance Computing are the themes for this year’s edition of Fifth Elephant.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 15th June 2015

We are looking for talks and workshops from academics and practitioners who are in the business of making sense of data, big and small.

Track 1: Discovering Insights and Driving Decisions

This track is about general, novel, fundamental, and advanced techniques for making sense of data and driving decisions from data. This could encompass applications of the following ML paradigms:

  • Statistical Visualizations
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • Semi-Supervised Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Monte-carlo techniques and probabilistic programming
  • Deep Learning

Across various data modalities including multi-variate, text, speech, time series, images, video, transactions, etc.

Track 2: Speed at Scale

This track is about tools and processes for collecting, indexing, and processing vast amounts of data. The theme includes:

  • Distributed and Parallel Computing
  • Real Time Analytics and Stream Processing
  • MapReduce and Graph Computing frameworks
  • Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, MPI
  • Stories of parallelizing sequential programs
  • Cost/Security/Disaster Management of Data

Commitment to Open Source

HasGeek believes in open source as the binding force of our community. If you are describing a codebase for developers to work with, we’d like it to be available under a permissive open source license. If your software is commercially licensed or available under a combination of commercial and restrictive open source licenses (such as the various forms of the GPL), please consider picking up a sponsorship. We recognize that there are valid reasons for commercial licensing, but ask that you support us in return for giving you an audience. Your session will be marked on the schedule as a sponsored session.


If you are interested in conducting a hands-on session on any of the topics falling under the themes of the two tracks described above, please submit a proposal under the workshops section. We also need you to tell us about your past experience in teaching and/or conducting workshops.

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The Fifth Elephant - known as one the best #datascience and #machinelearning conference in Asia - is transitioning into a year-round forum for conversations about data and ML engineering; data science in production; data security and privacy practices. more

Sudhir Rawat


Getting Started with IoT

Submitted Jun 15, 2015

How IoT solution can be delivered with ease
Different options available for building IoT solution
Understanding of solution architecture


This session focus on how to build real time solution using sensor device on top of raspberry pi. We’ll discuss the architecture of the solution how real time data can be send through python to Microsoft Azure event hub ASA from an device. The data then can be massaged by Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics and showing the result in realtime dashboard.

Speaker bio

Hi, my name is Sudhir.I completed my Masters in Computer Application and MBA (IT). I have around 10 years of experience in IT industry. I worked on different technologies like Java, .net, Oracle, SQL Server and Business Intelligence. I am working as Support Escalation Engineer. My area of focus are Microsoft Business Intelligence suite and Big Data. I am passionate about the magic (Analytic and Mining) that can be done on data that can help business to deliver great results. I hold certifications including Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified IT Professional and Microsoft Certified Trainer in Microsoft SQL Server Business Intellence. I delivered talk and active on various forums like Tech-ed India ,Microsoft Azure Conference 2015, Azure Dev Camps, MVP Reboot, social community (SQLServerGeeks) and various colleges and business units.


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Saurabh Banerjee

Anatomy of Decision Trees using an example from Kaggle

Decision trees are amongst the most popular predictive modelling techniques in the analytics industry. Attendees will learn how to effectively apply decision trees to predict survival on the Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster problem in Kaggle. more

15 Jun 2015