The Fifth Elephant 2015

A conference on data, machine learning, and distributed and parallel computing

Ramesh Sampath


Building Data Products for Small / Mid-Sized Data

Submitted May 12, 2015

Understand the process I and Kevin Gates went through in building, a hackathon data product to compare Air Quality in various cities. Audience will have an appreciation for - Data Extraction, Exploration phase along with building an Web App and some intuition for Data Viz. I intend to show Python Code behind the app in this talk.


At a recent Data Viz. Hackathon, Data Canvas (, we were asked to tell a story based on the sensors deployed at various cities (San Francisco, Geneva, Boston, Bangalore, Shanghai, Singapore). I along with Kevin Gates wanted to tell a story around Air Quality index and built

We will talk about the process of building this data product:

  1. Identifying the story we want to tell through Data Exploration using IPython, Pandas and other Python Data Tools.
  2. Building an App that serves the data
  3. Some comparison on Data Viz. choices
    I will be using lot of code (Python and some JS) snippets throughout the talk.

This talk is not about Big Data, but making sense of data that’s all around us.

Speaker bio

I am a Software Engineer making applications for fun and profit. Over the last few years, I have done my own Startup for a couple of years building e-commerce apps for small businesses to automatically move the products in their online stores. I mostly use Python for my Web and data adventures.



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