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Vishnu H Rao


Reporting Using MySQL Multi-Source Replication

Submitted Apr 12, 2013

How can we do real time reporting using MySQL when data is spread across different MySQL instances?

We can achieve this using Multi-Source replication.


Multi-Source replication is used for consolidating data from different MySQL instances.

There are two major use cases for Multi-Source replication:

(1) Backup at a single place for data spread across different MySQL instances.
(2) Real Time Reporting - the capability to do complex joins across tables which were otherwise present in different Instances - say a join across Orders & Invoices Tables.

This session would present different ways of achieving Multi-Source replication in MySQL 5.5, the pros & cons of each approach, solutions to failure scenarios i.e. what if a MySQL instance we were replicating from fails, how would failover take place.

This session would also talk about the Relay Log & its power to make failover very easy.

Speaker bio

I work for Flipkart - India’s largest e-commerce company.

I am part of the Flipkart Data Platform team - whose charter is to take care of Flipkart’s data infrastructure needs.

I also serve as Chief Surgeon at the Flipkart M*A*S*H - MySQL Army Surgical Hospital - handling MySQL emergencies.

I also love doodling - inspired from Google - i maintain my own doodle blog @

My favorite t.v series are M*A*S*H & Remington Steele.

A Sharks & Ducks fan - i love the NHL.


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