The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Vishnu H Rao


MySQL Robbins - Various Flavors of Files & Buffers it Uses

Submitted Apr 12, 2013

Learn about the various Files & In-Memory Buffers MySQL creates and how it uses them.


Baskin Robbins is famous for its 31 flavors of Ice cream.

This presentation will be about various flavors of Files & In Memory Buffers MySQL creates and uses.

On the menu would be the popular Binlog , Innodb Buffer Pool, Undo log , Redo Log , slow query log and many more - especially the hidden files.

The session would cover how these files & Buffers fit in the grand scheme of MySQL Replication and ACID.

Speaker bio

I work for Flipkart - India’s largest e-commerce company.

I am part of the Flipkart Data Platform team - whose charter is to take care of Flipkart’s data infrastructure needs.

I also serve as Chief Surgeon at the Flipkart M*A*S*H - MySQL Army Surgical Hospital - handling MySQL emergencies.

I also love doodling - inspired from Google - i maintain my own doodle blog @

My favorite t.v series are M*A*S*H & Remington Steele.

A Sharks & Ducks fan - i love the NHL.


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