The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Ritesh Nayak


Deciphering the organizational DNA - mining internal data

Submitted Apr 9, 2013

If you attend this talk, you will :

  • See brilliant visualizations on data inside an enterprise and learn some social network analysis/graph theoretic techniques.

  • Learn about mining internal company data and understand patterns from it, and see how a lot of problems related to sales, marketing, recruitment and leadership development can be tackled using data

  • Look at knowledge management and technology expertise in a whole new way.


Have you ever wondered how important you were to your organization? I know many who felt they were the ones keeping the company together. This question is what we tried answering with the work we did as part of a global tech company.

In this talk I will present how my team and I used internal data from mailing lists to solve knowledge sharing and collaboration issues and justified it with data.

We used graph theoretic concepts and the tools of social network analysis to deduce the connectedness of the organization and also figure out star collaborators, knowledge hubs, technology experts etc. We used these deductions to successfully craft a knowledge management strategy and in the process also built some great tools for sales enablement, expertise management, recruitment and leadership and retention planning.


I am expecting a crowd that is mature enough to understand the workings of a technology company and the importance of a culture of collaboration in that setting.

Speaker bio

Co-founder and startupper at muHive. I have a masters degree in Computer Science and 7 years of experience in the Indian IT industry. My technology interests include social software, information retrieval, distributed systems and ICT4D. I love music and code. While not listening to music or writing code, you can find me reading a book, playing guitar, exploring local wildlife or enjoying satirical comedy.



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