The Fifth Elephant 2013

An Event on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Raghu Kashyap


Big Data is it a fad or future?

Submitted Apr 8, 2013

See how Hadoop has progressed over the last 4 years from an early adapter organization standpoint. Learn about the use cases that are operational and not just a POC


Learn how Hadoop is a critical part of Orbitz Worldwide’s data infrastructure. Raghu Kashyap will share insight into the business cases around their 1 petabyte Hadoop installation.

Future of Big data is very fuzzy. We are still in the early days of it. Be part of it to learn more of its true capabilities and usage in corporate world.


Open mind and listening skills

Speaker bio

Raghu Kashyap serves as the Director of Data Insights Group at Orbitz Worldwide. Raghu possesses an extensive background in technology and travel and leads the Data Infrastructure functions at Orbitz Worldwide. Raghu’s team leverages Hadoop extensively to augment traditional BI/DW and unlock the joy of travel for its customers and drive business performance. Raghu currently resides in Bangalore and heads up the Orbitz Bangalore office.


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