The Fifth Elephant 2013

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Piyush Verma

Piyush Verma


Build a Queue Based Concurrent Task Processor (using Python)

Submitted Apr 13, 2013

Learn how to develop a Persistent Queue based Task Processor using simple tools like MongoDB and Python.


At we call it “Party”, responsible for handling all the non real-time stuff varying from Video encoding, Indexing Search Documents, Updating cache, tracking participant progress, sending out emails, payments, releasing Node.js sockets etc.

Targets to be achieved:
Evaluate the need a task processor, use cases where it would fit || Build a Queue based Task Processor using Python & MongoDB || Scale up number of processes/workers || Implement Cleanup. Keep the Queue fast and small || Scale up number of nodes


Familiarity with MongoDB || Good Understanding of Python || Prior Experience/ Knowledge of multiprocessing || Chips to Munch every time you get restless or bored

Speaker bio

Loves Coding. Currently
Otherwise, Loves Cycling, Loves Coffee & Loves Cartoons.



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