The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Girish Narasimha Raghavan


Operational Data Analytics and Insights - Leveraging Bigdata to manage IT infrastructure.

Submitted May 31, 2012

The data gathered from monitoring the IT infrastructure elements like hosts, network, web servers, etc are critical in ensuring smooth and reliable operations of services provided. Storing, analyzing, and delivering actionable insights from such data becomes very difficult and complex when the infrastructure setup is at a large scale as it is in Yahoo!.

The lecture talks about an approach to use Bigdata to manage large scale IT infrastructure.


It is an acknowledged fact that the need to monitor and manage machine data from IT infrastructure elements is critical in guaranteeing service levels of the applications.

As more and more services are offered over the internet, the infrastructure needed to offer the services are becoming largescale, distributed and complex. As the IT infrastructure proliferates across data centers, we hit limitations with traditional solutions to analyze and manage the machine data.

The lecture will focus on the challenges encountered in managing suchlarge scale infrastructures and how Bigdata ecosystem can be used to address the challenges and proactively manage the infrastructure better. The lecture will also talk about the key factors that has to be addressed while building a big data platform for managing operational data. The presenter will also share his experiences in building such a platform at Yahoo!

The lecture would conclude with practical use cases on how Yahoo is using Bigdata to manage and draw insights from its large IT infrastructure.

Speaker bio

Girish is a senior technology leader with over fifteen years of experience in building large scale, distributed and highly available systems. He has deep domain expertise and hands on experience in building enterprise class performance monitoring, predictive analysis and Data center automation systems.

In his current role as a Senior Manager in Yahoo!, one of his current initiatives is to build a Data analytics Platform for analyzing and managing operations data. This effort envisions providing a platform to seamlessly collect, store and analyze infrastructure and operational data which are heterogeneous in nature and distributed across the globe.

Prior to Yahoo! Girish worked in senior technical and managerial roles at BMC Software and prior to it at Proactivenet which was successfully acquired by BMC Software. Here he played a key role in building a large scale performance monitoring and predictive analytics platform. He is the co inventor for two patents on the same domain.

Girish is an Engineer by training and an management degree from IIM Bangalore.


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