The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

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How to balance insights from analytics and your intuition to drive product decisions




By the end of this session, the audience will have a good framework to make data driven decisions, at the same time using your intuition to guide you.

Will be beneficial if you are building a product or looking forward to build one soon.


We have all heard and known how important it is to make data driven decisions. This session will start with various ways in which data can be used to drive meaningful product decisions that have direct and measurable impact on product metrics.

This will be backed with real-life examples of axes around which data should be sliced / diced to derive inferences from my experience at Lifeblob and MakeMyTrip.

In addition, there are always cases that require you to take a “leap of faith”, where your intuition points you in one direction and data leads to another. The latter part of the session will cover some of these cases and provide a framework to use your intuition while remaining true to the philosophy of data driven decisions.

Speaker bio

Pranav Bhasin is the Director Of Innovation at, where he leads Mobile, Deals, Content and a few other upcoming products. Prior to, Pranav Bhasin was the Founder / CEO of, a social timeline service and one of the first few members to start Trilogy’s operations in India.

Pranav Bhasin has over 6 years of experience in Product Management.