The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

What are your users doing on your website or in your store? How do you turn the piles of data your organization generates into actionable information? Where do you get complementary data to make yours more comprehensive? What tech, and what techniques?

The Fifth Elephant is a two day conference on big data.

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The proposal funnel below will enable you to submit a session and vote on proposed sessions. It is a good practice introduce yourself and share details about your work as well as the subject of your talk while proposing a session.

Each community member can vote for or against a talk. A vote from each member of the Editorial Panel is equivalent to two community votes. Both types of votes will be considered for final speaker selection.

It’s useful to keep a few guidelines in mind while submitting proposals:

  1. Describe how to use something that is available under a liberal open source license. Participants can use this without having to pay you anything.

  2. Tell a story of how you did something. If it involves commercial tools, please explain why they made sense.

  3. Buy a slot to pitch whatever commercial tool you are backing.

Speakers will get a free ticket to both days of the event. Proposers whose talks are not on the final schedule will be able to purchase tickets at the Early Geek price of Rs. 1800.

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Sherline Pimenta K.


Everybody Needs a Story: A Narrative Approach to Information Visualization

Submitted May 11, 2012

Understanding Information Visualization via the Visual Narrative (VN) paradigm.


Stories help store information with ease. Studies have proven that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools of communication. This approach is true for visual communication as much as it is for verbal communication. As communication designers, we are asked to create information visualizations, and what we do is give a verbal story a visual form. Infographics attempt to communicate information through visuals; it therefore in a sense becomes visual storytelling. In this workshop, we shall attempt to understand information visualization via the Visual Narrative (VN) paradigm.

The workshop will be conducted in four parts. In part one; we shall understand the VN and its key elements. Part two will consist of a discussion of Static Visual Narratives [SVN] vis-a-vis Information Visualization. In the third session, we shall analyze examples of infographics through the VN perspective. For the final part of the workshop, we shall construct an infographic incorporating aspects of the VN.

Speaker bio

Dr. Sherline Pimenta K. is an Associate Researcher at IDC, IIT Bombay, whose passion is to explore how people make sense of the world around them. Her interests include visual narrative studies, experience design, communication design and visual language. Sherline received her Ph.D. in 2011 from IIT Bombay. Her doctoral thesis entitled ‘Moment and Moments: Discourse in Static Visual Narratives’ explores how stories (written or oral) are communicated through static images using the stucturalist perspective.

Krishna Kumar is a Principal UX Designer at Symantec Software India Pvt. Ltd. involved with the design of various enterprise mobile applications. He is also a research scholar at IDC, IIT Bombay, India and is investigating Interactive Visual Narratives.


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All about data science and machine learning